Sweden is fortunate to have a wealth of experience and knowledge among those working in the field of health and sport today. The publishing house of SISU Sports Books acts as a medium through which to educate and inspire coaches, athletes, physical therapists and others allied with – or interested in – sport. Our credo is ‘New knowledge helps the sports world to develop and prosper’.

Our goals:

  • To further knowledge of sports. We are the specialist house of sports publications and are an official part of the athletics movement in Sweden.
  • To stimulate the learning process. To inspire lifelong learning we gather, process and distribute sports knowledge through various media to reach a wide audience.

Our values:

  • Credibility. Our ethical and evidence-based publications explore topics of current interest.
  • High quality. We engage authors with comprehensive knowledge in their specialist fields, and all of our publications are backed by the expertise and professionalism of our staff.

Our publications cover a great diversity of sports-related subjects. Many have been successfully translated and released by international publishing houses including Human Kinetics, Blackwell Publishing and Harper Collins.

Contact information:

SISU Idrottsböcker
Tel: 00468-6996000
E-mail: info@sisuidrottsbocker.se